Ontel Stick ‘N Click Set of 3 LED Lights

The Ontel Stick ‘N Click Set of 3 LED Lights is a great option for lighting up dark areas in the house or in the car. The lights run on batteries, and therefore can be stuck on places where there is no electrical outlet. Installation is also very simple; all you have to do is peel off the adhesive backing, and you can stick it on virtually any surface, with no need for any tools. From there, turning it on is also very easy: just click, and it turns on; click again, and it goes off. You can use it under cabinets, under the sink, or on dark stairwells. It also doubles as an emergency light in the home or on outdoor trips.

Ontel Stick ‘N Click Set of 3 LED Lights Review:

The fifty customers who gave their thoughts on this set of LED lights gave it an average rating of 3.9 stars. Almost half of them were happy enough to grant it a perfect 5.0-star rating, with less than 20% of them rating it below 3.0 stars.

The reviewers were very happy with how easy these LED lights were to install and to use. They also operated on AAA batteries, which made for another positive point, as these were very easy to find. One of the buyers admitted that they were not extremely bright, but bright enough for lighting up dark corners of cabinets and car trunks. She shared that her kids loved them and were excited to use them in their forts or other play areas! Another buyer used these lights for a dark hallway heading to a bathroom, but she added that they got to use them during a long power outage following a very strong hurricane. She confirmed that the batteries seemed to last a very long time, and each family member managed to get around the house with one of these. The reviewers also loved how versatile the lights were, with many of them using them in vehicles, in pantries, or just about anywhere, including one buyer who used it on his skateboard!

One of the users who liked how easy these lights were to use commented that they could have been made a bit brighter. She felt that the lights were not practical for task lighting, but admitted that they cast a nice glow, which worked for those just needing the feel and the look. Interestingly, a few other reviewers countered this observation, that these LED lights were truly not intended to be as bright as a light bulb, after all, but that they worked good enough for seeing things in a dark closet, cupboard, or any other dark area. Another reviewer admitted that the construction was not too high-quality, but for the price, she felt that it was reasonable, and it did not cause any problems in terms of functionality anyway.

From these findings, we believe these LED lights would make for a good addition to dark recesses in your home, or for emergency use.

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