How to Give a Foot Rub

Know about Reflexology

Reflexology is pressing on several points of the body. Such as top, lowest and side areas of any body part.

Important Parts for Foot Reflexology

Hand and foot are the best locations to strengthen the movement of acupuncture peaks. Our brain handles many body part and activity. We can reflex our brain and nervous system by enhancing fingers and toes.

Sometimes reflexology on the lower part of the body (feet) is measured better hands. But both feels tremendous.

Self-reflexology has some benefits. We can do it anytime & anywhere. You do not have to wait for others. Another thing is we can control the force of pressing and period.

Some Techniques

People or seniors have invented a lot of tools for foot rubbing.  Some of them are for self-reflexology. Some common ways we will discuss here.

Rubbing and pressing have a big difference. It can make a huge impact in self-reflexology. Basic is to press or rub in the particular area of our body parts. Pressing is mostly exact because we can put the right pressure on exact reflex point. But if you stroke it will not work like squeezing. The best ways to understand the difference between these two is to do it practically.

Inventors have made self-reflexology easier by inventing some tools. These tools are available in some gym, online stores, health stores, etc. Some tools are foot rollers, hand rollers, metal balls, rubber, blocks, etc.

Tools for massage are useful and easier to use. Using tools are more efficient and fun.

Steps to Follow

1: First rub the sole of your right foot with your left hand. Do it for the leftward foot with your left hand as well as. You can use oil or lotion while rubbing your soles. After rubbing twice or thrice place your foot in the middle of your two hands like a sandwich. Then run backward and then forward. Do it consecutively.

2: Raise the bottom of your right foot with your left hand and press the toes with your right hand simultaneously. Strenuously squeeze, increase, and flex your toes to improve their extensibility.

3: Now bend your toes for twice or thrice. Left foot with the right hand and right foot with left hand. The same way bend your ten fingers of your feet.

4: Place one finger on top of the other, using your fingers to hold your foot, and make broad, roundabout thumb forces over the sole of your foot. Stroke the area. Repeat the whole series steps one to four on your left foot.

Things to Follow

You can maintain a routine for foot rubbing. Thus it will be a continuous process, and you will not forget about it. Or else you can follow a chart from the internet. There are lots of massage machines available in the market. You can also choose from there for more comfort and better result.

At The End

As there are many sections on each foot for foot reflexology, you should divide them and follow them carefully by the chart. Massage which place or what purpose you need to reflex or what benefit you want from reflexology on your body.

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